The Lakes Region Planning Commission is a unique association of local governments that provides comprehensive planning services to meet the diverse needs of New Hampshire's Lakes Region. Our mission is to provide effective planning, in order to achieve and sustain a quality environment, a dynamic economy, and local cultural values by supporting community efforts through leadership, education, technical assistance, information, advocacy, coordination and responsive representation.

  • Now Hiring!

    The Town of Sanbornton is looking to hire a new Town Planner

    Click here for more information
    Click here for a detailed job description

    Resumes and cover letters should be directed to:
    Katie Ambrose
    Town Administrator
    PO Box 124
    Sanbornton, NH 03269
  • Conservation Moose Plate Grant Funds Available. Click to visit Latest News Page for more info
    License plate image taken from www.mooseplate.com
  • Community Development Block Grant Funding. Click to visit Latest News Page for more info

  • We were recently introduced to the Headwaters Economics Toolset. Using these report generators you can download socioeconomic reports of communities, counties, & states, including aggregations and comparisons. The Economic Profile System (EPS) uses federal data sources, including the Bureaus of Economic Analysis, Census, & others. EPS is also known as the Human Dimensions Toolkit by the Forest Service.
    We'd like to thank UNH Cooperative  Extension for providing us reports for all of the towns in the Lakes Region. Click here to visit our Latest News page for a list of the reports. They will also be available on the towns' pages.

    Please note: This information changes frequently. These reports were generated on July 14th. For more up to date information please use the tool to generate your own reports.


This week several emails were sent from an LRPC email via Dropbox. The subject line was “[NAME] shared “Legal_Development_Report.pdf’ with you” and it contained a link to open that document or an attachment. This email was NOT sent by any member of our staff. DO NOT OPEN THE ATTACHMENT as it may contain malicious material.
We have taken all precautions to secure our email accounts and our Dropbox account and verify that our computers and network are safe and virus free. To our knowledge, the malicious activity has been stopped and nothing new has been sent out. We are keeping an eye on things to make sure it stays that way.
We’d like to thank everyone who brought this email to our attention so we were able to take action as quickly as possible. If you received one of these emails and would like to forward it to Dropbox as well, the email address is abuse@dropbox.com. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Laurel Briere at admin@lakesrpc.org or 279-5334.