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Pemigewasset River Corridor Management Plan Update

Statement of Purpose
Pursuant to the NH Rivers Management and Protection Program, the Corridor Management Plan addresses recreational and non-recreational uses of the river and adjacent lands, protection of floodplains, habitat management, and other issues. Recommendations are made in the plan which guide the activities of the Local Advisory Committee in their work with residents, municipalities, and state and federal agencies. Communities may adopt the Corridor Management Plan as an adjunct to their local master plan. The first Corridor Management Plan for the Pemigewasset River was completed by the Pemigewasset River Local Advisory Committee (PRLAC) in 2001. The plan should be updated periodically to reflect accomplishments and changing circumstances.

Description of the Management Plan Update Process
The first step in the Management Plan Update was to gather feedback from citizens through a survey. PRLAC reviewed and update information in the 2001 Corridor Management Plan with assistance from the Lakes Region Planning Commission (LRPC) and North Country Council (NCC). Through a public input session we then identified the "Present and Anticipated Problems” for the Pemi Corridor. At another public input session we developed a list of recommendations and suggested how they might be implemented.

Status Report
In 2010, PRLAC developed a corridor survey. This was distributed to Selectmen, Planning Boards, Conservation Commissions, Chambers of Commerce, and made widely available to the public through press releases and at libraries and town halls. The results of the survey are available here Pemigewasset River Corridor Survey. Notices to communities and press releases were used to keep the public apprised of the update process. This website was also developed for that purpose; it serves as a portal for the update process with announcements, notes, and documents being posted here. Two Kick-Off meetings were held in September 2011 to formally begin the Update process. Numerous PRLAC meetings were devoted to working on the update of the Corridor Management Plan.

The term of the contract with NH DES for the update of the Pemi Corridor Management Plan was extended from December 2012 to April 2013.

Two meetings were held in January 2013 to gather public input regarding problems and recommendations regarding the Pemi River Corridor. A meeting to identify the Present and Anticipated Problems in the Corridor was held Tuesday January 15 and another meeting was held January 29 to identify Recommendations and discuss their Implementation.

Sections of the draft Plan were made available for comment at this site through February and part of March 2013.

Management Plan
PRLAC representatives adopt the updated Pemigewasset River Corridor Management Plan at their March 26, 2013 meeting.

If you have any comments on this information please email Dave Jeffers (djeffers@lakesrpc.org) or contact the LRPC at 603-279-8171