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An extensive list of GIS resources can be found at the GRANIT GIS Resources page including the following: 

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Additional GIS Resources
  • NH DES OneStop Data Mapper - an interactive web map that allows viewing and querying environmental data across NHDES programs. The Mapper is also linked to NHDES OneStop Data allowing the public access to thousands of documents in the NHDES digital library.
  • NH GRANIT Mapper
    A web-based mapping tool offering New Hampshire's communities, agencies and organizations, and the general public access to a comprehensive collection of geospatial data archived in GRANIT.
  • Granite State Future - Planning Metrics Online Viewer
    The Common Metrics Methodologies document lists and details the data computation methodologies for various metrics of common benefit to local, regional and state master plans based upon the initial research of the TASCs
  • Northern Appalachian/Acadian Ecoregion Conservation Planning Atlas
    Provides transboundary environmental information to land owners, land managers, landuse planners, and conservation and community groups in the region to support sustainable landuse and conservation planning. Includes interactive map, data warehouse, and map gallery.
  • National Atlas of the United States of America®
    Contains the interactive Map Maker, GIS data, and ready made maps.
  • FEMA Map Service Center
    Includes various flood and FIRM mapping services.
  • Geospatial One-Stop
    ...Metadata records (information about the data) and links to live maps, features, and catalog services, downloadable data sets, images, clearinghouses, map files, and more.
  • Geography Network
    Access many types of geographic content including dynamic maps, downloadable data, and more advanced Web services.

  • For more information about how GIS can be used as a tool to support decision making in your community, please contact LRPC staff.