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The Vision

Lake Winnipesaukee is a national and international scenic resource renowned for its remarkable setting, outstanding water clarity, and economic vitality within New England. Protecting Lake Winnipesaukee requires well-managed watersheds that include native forests and abundant wildlife, with an active and informed community of residents and visitors acting as stewards for the lake. In the future, communities and facilities will harmonize with the natural environment and provide a sustainable, vital economy for visitors and residents.

The Challange

Lake Winnipesaukee is the largest lake in New Hampshire and the third largest in New England. It is a significant asset for state tourism, and the primary economic force of the region; however, the watershed lacks a comprehensive management plan to protect the environmental quality and scenic beauty. The Winnipesaukee Watershed needs a strong, coordinated, and effective organizational voice committed to advocacy, outreach, and education. The need has never been greater or timelier.

The Approach

The Lake Winnipesaukee Watershed Association, Lakes Region Planning Commission, NH Charitable Foundation, NH Department of Environmental Services, and Plymouth State University are partnering to forge a unique, subwatershed approach to create an effective, sustainable planning process using state-of-the-art information systems. We propose a user-friendly, web-based, visual Watershed Information Management System that will be emulated by future plans, and will provide ‘one-stop shopping’ for maps, environmental plans, water quality data, recreational opportunities, fishing regulations, land use and zoning, realtor information, and more. The Lake Winnipesaukee Watershed Association remains dedicated to fulfilling an advocacy, outreach, and education role, which will include a high-visibility public involvement process.