Transportation services provided by the LRPC are primarily funded through contracts with the NH Department of Transportation (NHDOT). DOT funding is derived from federal and state sources. 

LRPC's Transportation Program has four main components:
  1. Data Collection/Analysis
  2. Policy and Plan Development
  3. Plan Implementation
  4. Local Assistance

Here are some photos from a recent Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) demonstration by Russ Lanoie on maintenance of unpaved roads:

photo of a truck with a large rake attached to the front another angle of the truck with the large rake attached to the front a man operating an orange tractor another angle of the man operating an orange tractor TAC Members standing on the dirt road during the demonstration a man in a yellow coat speaking in front of the truck with the rake a man in a yellow coat speaking in front of the truck with the rake a close up photo of the rake used in the demonstration

Here is a brief video of Russ Lanoie adjusting the rake on his truck:

1. Data Collection/Analysis

   Traffic Counts
  • Approved traffic counts are available at the NH DOT site: (
  • LRPC performs from 150-200 traffic counts a year, using a schedule developed by the DOT. By request, LRPC can do additional counts and update a road inventory for a member. Please contact us for details. LRPC is also available to conduct turning movement counts and speed counts on paved roads.
   Road Inventory
  • Purpose and description - In cooperation with the NH DOT the LRPC conducts a comprehensive road inventory in our communities. The purpose of the inventory is to document physical road characteristics and road lengths. The characteristics collected include items such as road surface type, pavement width, road classification, shoulder and lane width, etc. Additionally, the location of each road is plotted using Global Positioning Systems (GPS). The GPS data is forwarded to NH DOT where an updated community road map will be created.
  • 2008 Road Inventory schedule - Barnstead, Ossipee, Sanbornton, Tamworth, Tuftonboro, Wolfeboro
   Land Use
  • Land use and transportation are closely related; a change in one aspect could influence the other. LRPC has conducted transportation studies in order to understand the current land use/transportation relationship along vital stretches of the Lakes Region highways. These efforts help support decision making by providing a detailed understanding of how land use effects transportation and vise versa, now and in the future.

2. Policy and Plan Development

Transportation Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Special Planning and Research Projects

3. Plan Implementation

4. Local Assistance

   Transportation Study Support    Access Management

   Road Surface Management Systems (RSMS)    Public Transportation

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